BSU lose to Croatian vice-champion after giving one of their best performances so far
Objavljeno: 11. 12. 2019 - 4:55

On Wednesday, December 11, Handball Club Beijing Sport University welcomed Handball Club Nexe for the 9th Round of SEHA - Gazprom League. In the encounter played at BSU's home field, Dom sportova hall, the Croatian vice-champions celebrated 26:35 after the first half of the match passed indecisevly (14:14).

Despite the fact that the guests were the ones to celebrate, it is safe to say Beijing SU have on Wednesday recorded one of their best performances so far. The first halftime ended 14:14, being the first 30 minutes that Vlado Sola’s ended without a backlog since the official start of the competition.

Unfortunately, coming back from the break, the Chinese side did not continue as expected. Having lost concentration, the continuance of the match went in the opposite direction in regards to the first part. Experienced Nexe have used BSU’s bad minutes against them, turning the match around to their favor with the very start of the next half. BSU held on to the result until the last quarter of the match when Hrvoje Horvat’s players started building up the goal difference, starting from 17:20 in the 39th minute to 21:25 in the 49th minute to eventually celebrate with the final result of 26:35.

Wednesday’s list of the most successful individual begins with Shijie Zhu who scored 5 goals, and continues with Peijie Huang and Juncheng Wang who recorded 4 scores each. Wang Quan saved 9, while Xinian He added 2 important saves.

On the other side, Marin Jelinic scored 7, Fran Mileta 6, while both Mario Tomic and Marko Buvinic added 5. Mihailo Radovanovic recorded 9 saves, Moreno Car 7.

Vlado Sola, head coach of Beijing Sport University
Firstly, congratulations to Nexe on their win and fair play. Clearly they were the favorites in tonight's match; we were not thinking of winning this game, our goal was to play a better match than the one in Nasice and to not receive as much goals as in the first mutual encounter. We showed with can play on a high level for more than 20-25 minutes. We need to work on strength and tactics, there is still a big amount of work in front of us, but I want to thank all my colleagues and my players for their hard work and dedication. It makes me happy seeing this team progress match by match.

Hrvoje Horvat, head coach of Nexe

I would say we were warned by Beijing's amazing second half in Presov. This is how we knew a hard work is in front of us here in Zagreb. This means Sola and the team are doing a great job. After the first half, we played a satisfying second half. We waited for BSU's black hole which we expected to happen. Here we created a difference and then it was easier to play the match.

Peijie Huang, player of Beijing Sport University

Nexe is a very strong opponent for us. Still, we are progressing by each match, especially the last two. We try to fight for the whole 60 minutes each match, but the biggest difference between the Chinese handball and the European handball is probably the mind, we tend to lose concentration. We will try to figure out how to solve this problem and show progress in the upcoming match.

Marin Jelinic, player of Nexe

We knew this was going to be a different match from the one in Nasice. We were a little bit nervous at the start of the match today. BSU surely play better than at the start of the league, but we managed to justify the role of the favorites in the match and grab all three points.

BSU are turning to their last match of 2019!

Beijing SU are now awaiting their last match of 2019. Before the break, Vlado Sola and the squad will host the Ukranian champion Motor Zaporozhye in a match scheduled for 17:15 on Saturday, December 14. 

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