BSU record a new friendly match win against MRK Dugo selo
Objavljeno: 20. 11. 2019 - 8:18

On Tuesday, November 19, Handball Club Beijing Sport University met MRK Dugo selo for a friendly encounter played during a month-long SEHA – Gazprom League break for the Chinese team. Vlado Sola's team recorded another successful day, as they celebrated 25:28 against another Croatian handball team.

MRK Dugo selo is a 2nd Croatian Handball League Sjever participant. It is interesting MRK Dugo selo was one of head coach Vlado Sola's clubs during his handball career as an active player.

The Chinese team entered the match slowly but steadily. The first half was mostly played goal by goal, when Dugo selo started building up the goal difference which resulted in 4-goal advantage at the halftime point of the match (15:11). Coming from a break Vlado Sola's players managed to catch up the difference in the first minutes of the second half, soon after turning the result in their favor. The ultimate quarter of the match reflected in complete dominance of the Beijing Sport University, as the Chinese side recorded a 4-goal difference at one point ending the match with a dream finish. The final result was 25:28.

Dugo selo's Fabijan Grubisic topped the list with 8 goals, leaving Beijing's Huang Peijie and Zhang Jianjie who scored 6 goals each just behind.


MRK Dugo selo: Kuzmanovic, Raic, Suker, Deronja 1, Hrsak, Agatic 2, Grubisic 8, Crnojevic, Goluza 4, Vranic, Vidovic 1, Magdic, Lisica 1, Miskovic 5, Celic 3

Beijing Sport University: Liu M 9 saves, He X 5 saves; Zhang Jiawei, He Z 3, Ma 3, Xie Q 2, Zhu 2, Hu 1, Yao, Liu Z 5, Gu, Huang 6, Cao, Wang X, Cheng Y, Wang J, Zhang J 6, Wang W

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