BSU record a better performance, Motor still manage to grab all three points
Objavljeno: 14. 12. 2019 - 7:58

On SaturdayDecember 14, Handball Club Beijing Sport University hosted SEHA - Gazprom League's Group A 8th round match. This round it was time for Vlado Sola’s team to test their forces against the Ukranian champions Motor Zaporozhye. The guests won by 23:30.

The Ukranians managed to reach another three points against the Chinese. Despite that, BSU visibly improved their game and, thanks to that, decreased the goal difference. Motor recorded a 7-goal advance after the final whistle – in the Zaporizhzhia, the Ukrainian representative clebrated by 40:19!

Xiaoqi Wang topped the list scoring 5 goals, while Juncheng Wang added 4. Quan Wang recorded 4 saves, Maike Liu 2. On the other side, 10 Eduard Kravchenko’s goals for Motor, while Budko and Komok together saved 13 tries.

Rostyslav Lanevych, head coach of Motor Zaporozhye

I’m happy we have won this match. This win opened the door to the quarter final of the League to us. We were good in both attack and the defense, scored easily. In the second half we gave BSU opportunity to decrease the difference, complicated things for a bit, but it is an away celebration that counts.

Vlado Sola, head coach of Beijing Sport University

Congrats to Motor for an amazing game, especially in the first half. They are way to good for us, especially in the defense. They rapidly came to a solid goal difference and it was a bit frustrating as nothing was going good for us - not the attack, nor the defense. We obviously still can’t play more than one match in a row on a high level, but we will work on that. I want to wish my players safe flight home and a Happy New Year, and to our opponents, good luck in the continuance of the competition.

Stevan Vujovic, player of Motor Zaporozhye

We are satisfied to win. It turned out it wasn’t as easy as we expected, BSU fought until the end. Congrats to them for a good match, for us it’s important we celebrated.

Jangcheng Wang, player of Beijing Sport University
Compared to last time with Motor, we received too much goals in the first half. We will try to continue to play like we did that time against Motor. 

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